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Olympik Hotels Complex and Congress Centre

Olympik Hotels and a Congress centre are situated in a quiet residental quarter of Prague 8 within easy distance from the city centre. It is located just next to the Metro station „Invalidovna“ – yellow line. The hotel complex is set in acres of green, with a view of the golf tee and sports centre, is one of hotels with the largest areas in Bohemia.

We offer accommodation in hotels Olympik Congress**** and Artemis****- de lux to EYGC participants. Both hotels are allocated at the address „U Sluncove 14“ and are connected with the Congress Centre where the tournament will be held.

The Clementinum & Profesní dům

The Grand Slam will be held in two places, separated only by the Charles Bridge and located in the historic center of PragueThe places are about 10 minutes' walk from each other. You may find the detailed schedule of rounds with specified venue here.

Common offers for both places

The Clementinum

The Clementinum is the second biggest complex of buildings in Prague after Prague Castle and one of the biggest in Europe. It has always been a living center of education and culture. This large area of historical buildings, spread across around two hectares of land, includes among other things the National Library, home to many incredibly valuable manuscripts and books.

Address: National Library, Klementinum 190

Profesní dům

Profesní dům is intended for concerts, balls, graduations and other festive events. Currently, students of the Charles University are taught here and at the same time important social events take place here.


Address: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Malostranske nam. 25

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