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In terms of design, the Grand Slam tournaments mimic those for professionals in the Far East. The first European Grand Slam tournament was played in Berlin at Easter 2015.

Each Grand Slam event brings together 16 of the strongest European players in competition! The 'new' EGF Professionals (4 in 2015, 5 in 2016, 6 in 2017/2018, 7 in 2019/2020, 8 in 2021, 9 in 2023) are pre-qualified for the event, while an additional 7 European top players (amateurs or pros) will complete the field of 16 participants.


Here's the overview of how the additional 7 players can qualify for the European Go Grand Slam Tournament:

  • 3 spots through qualification just before the Grand Slam

  • 3 spots for highest bonus points from last year(s)

  • 1 wild card (decided by CEGO)

A Grand Slam tournament is by definition an EGF tournament. The Grand Slam tournament will be sponsored by CEGO. The concept of Grand Slam tournaments is designed to allow up to 4 Grand Slam tournaments within one year (similar to tennis). It is the goal of the EGF to find more sponsors for more Grand Slam tournaments.

A Grand Slam tournament will have guaranteed prize money for all players.

Qualified players 2023

Mateusz Surma, 3p (PL)

Artem Kachanovskyi, 2p (UA)

Pavol Lisy, 2p (SK)

Ali Jabarin, 2p (IL)

Stanislaw Frejlak, 1p (PL)

Andrii Kravets, 1p (UA)

Tanguy LeCalve, 1p (FR)

Jan Simara, 1p (CZ)

Lukas Podpera, 7d (CZ)

Fredrik Blomback, 7d (SE)

Benjamin Drean-Guenaizia, 7d (FR)

Nikola Mitic, 7d (RS)

Jonas Welticke, 7d (DE)

Dominik Boviz, 6d (HU)

Matias Pankoke, 6d (DE)

Vsevolod Ovsiienko, 5d (UA)

The mode of the Prague Tournament in 2023 will be:

1. Round (Thursday): 16 players - 8 games - knock-out-system
2. Round (Friday) quarter-finals: 8 players (the winners from Thursday) - 4 games
3. Round (Saturday) semi-finals: 4 players (winners from Friday) and 4 players for 5th to 8th place - 4 games in all
4. Round (Sunday) finals: 4 players - 2 games (for championship and 3rd place) and 4 players - 2 games (for 5th and 7th place) - 4 games in all

Prize money:

  • 9th - 16th place: € 250

  • 8th place: € 450

  • 7th place: € 550

  • 6th place: € 650

  • 5th place: € 750

  • 4th place: € 1.000

  • 3rd place: € 2.000

  • Runner-up: € 4.000

  • Champion: € 10.000

Grand Slam tournaments must be played with Chinese rules. The EGF guarantees broadcasting on the web, referees and professional commentary. To participate in a Grand Slam tournament it is a prerequisite to hold the passport of an EGF-member-country. This citizenship must exist at least for 10 years.

Time settings: 

Fisher time, 75 minutes basic time, 30 sec increment per move

Grand Slam Qualification

Three spots are given to the three best in the qualification one or two months before the grand slam. Find the requirements for participants and players in this reference: Grand Slam Qualification.

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